About Company

NCM Mechanical Joint Stock Company was established with a team of technicians and experts with years of experience and enthusiasm, as well as updated scientific knowledge and advanced technology.


of the best quality to serve the industries: construction, food, chemicals and other industrial sectors. Our company specializes in manufacturing the following products:

- The products used for the field of prestressed concrete such as wedge, anchor, zinc gene tube, bar-chair, mortar pump ...

- Equipment and machinery for the fields of chemical, food, construction ..., such as: conveyor, bucket, weighing system, weighing, sorting, grinding and production lines. Fertilizer and food processing, beverage ...

- Installation of piping technology, pressure pipes in steel and stainless steel ...

- Structural framework of workshops, prefabricated houses, frame installation for gantry, cranes ...


The development objective of our company is: "prestige - quality - reasonable price" We are committed to providing our customers with products, equipment and machinery to ensure quality Best quality and technical services at the most reasonable prices.

NCM mechanical joint stock company is looking forward to receiving your choice and cooperation.


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